Welcome to TSE Tank Service Europoort B.V

TSE Tank Service Europoort B.V is an ultra-modern multimodal terminal in Rotterdam-Europoort (NL) for storing chemicals, biofuels, petroleum products and lubricants. We specialize in the storage of fuel oil, hazardous (ADR) goods. From storage to transport and our processes are transparent, responsible, steadfast because we definitely believe that attainment and retaining world-class customers’ demands vigorous approach and attention to detail all along the line.

  • At the same location are also our sister companies Tank Cleaning Europoort B.V, a station in the port of Rotterdam, a global organization for transporting liquid chemical and including cleaning and heating of tanks and tank containers. Tank Cleaning Europoort B.V has its one-stop-shop activities centralized in Europe's largest port, Rotterdam (NL).

TSE Tank Service Europoort B.V is strategically centered in the port between Rotterdam city terminals and Europoort terminals. Mutual water between the short sea and deep sea terminals relieved TSE Tank Service Europoort B.V, business by rising costs such as confinement and demurrage charges, tanking mileage, waiting time and Europoort surcharges.

Company Description

With 3 million m³ of storage capacity and 280 tanks in virtually every size and type imaginable, TSE Tankservice Europoort BV is the number one independent expert in tank storage for liquids. Whether you want to store chemicals, biodiesels or base oils and lubricants, oil and refined petroleum products in large or small quantities, in stainless steel, coated or mild steel storage tanks: you can be assured that TSE Tankservice Europoort BV will always have the perfect solution for your specific needs.

  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment

We are confident of achieving our goal since our activities are founded upon a sound risk management philosophy that involves ensuring a healthy and responsible balance between taking advantage of opportunities and fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit while managing risks to acceptable levels. In this way, we strive to minimize any negative impacts on society and to secure a sustainable future for TSE Tankservice Europoort BV. It is a fact that underlines our values: Safety and efficiency are keywords for all our activities.


  • Strategic position in the Europoort region allows for easy access and shorter.
  • With its location in the seaport of Rotterdam, TSE Tank Service Europoort B.V accessible by ship, truck, pipeline and rail.
  • TSE Tank Service Europoort B.V combines the highest standards of safety, health and environment with reliable working methods.
  • Additional services like ISO container parking, ISO container heating, Customs Department, nitrogen blanketing and board-to-board.

TSE Tank Service Europoort B.V statistics

  • 3 million m³ storage capacity for petroleum products, chemicals, biodiesels, biofuel, and lubricants.
  • Forty charging locations for loading and unloading ships, tank trucks, tank containers and rail tank cars.
  • With tanks in any size and type, we offer best solution to your storage problems. 280 tanks in various sizes, ranging from 156 m³ to 6600 m³.
  • Dedicated lines of tanks and accessibility at best . 24/7 service for ships, barges and rail tank cars.
  • Four jetties for barges and sea-going vessels having a maximum draft of 9.35 m and 20,000 DWT (+ 10%). Heated and insulated storage tanks. Stainless steel, and coated mild steel tanks.

We always fulfil our promise

Petroleum products, chemicals, biofuels and lubricants. We have stainless steel, and coated mild steel tanks at our disposal, and therefore always an appropriate tank for bulk liquid.

Send us your request and we will advise you on all issues.